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SunT5040 belongs to closed outdoor wall system, it can be installed vertically and horizontally, firm and of strong sense of line, a variety of wooden texture surface creates warm feeling, suitable for most of the public areas. Dedicated reinforced carrier ensures the flatness and safety of wind-pressure.
SunT5040 Ceiling System Main Material Carrier
Product Type Material Type Size
Product Type Material Type Size
Concave Convex Type AA Level Aluminum Alloy (50+40)*40*
(1000-6000 )
0.8 DG03 Carrier Galvanized Steel 28.28 1.2
Structure Drawing  


 ◆DESCRIPTION  ◆Application and advantages
Texture: pls refer to Pivot color chart iCeiling®SunT5040 (Sun concave-convex type wall system) advantage:
Distance modulus: 80mm or adjust as needed ● light structure
Perforation: various perforation pattern available ● easy to install
Processing: ①compression moulding ②roll-forming ● texture natural and clear
Surface treatment: hot-pressing lamination (film thickness≈0.2mm) ● dedicated carrier with wind proof structure
Special size could be customized. ● closed type installation structure on the back


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