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Coveni®Airtight Install System assemble various parts with concealed keel, there is almost no gap between panels. It has the advantage of fast and easy installation.



Standard thickness: 4mm (6mm available)
Standard size: 2440mm*1215mm
Pattern: edge folding X001, middle keel x003
Length: 6 meter/piece (cut upon demand)
Accessories: leveling bracket, screw, aluminum stiffener
Length modulus: 2400mm (customized size available, recommend≤3500mm)
Width modulus: 1180mm
Minimum finished thickness: 24mm
① inoc®   ② Middle Keel X003   ③ Edge Folding X001   ④ Tapping Screw
⑤ Leveling Steel Frame  ⑥ Bracket   ⑦ Wall

◆ System Accessory

Remark: if use 6mm inoc®, X110 as edge folding keel, X111 as middle keel.

◆ Application
Project: Mc Donald’s
Area: interior wall
Airtight install system shows good flatness and consistency,
bringing comfortable atmosphere. Meanwhile, the panel is very durable.
Project: Japan JFCR Hospital
Area: interior wall
The application of this system brings warm and natural experience to patients.
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