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Material Performance Comparison

Developped Jointly with TONGJI University. 

A great breakthrough of the China-Made Acoustic Decora-tion Material through Independent Research and Devel-opment of New Technology for the Metal Material.

Comparison of various sound-absorbing materials

Note: the good, general, poor, *

Type Non-toxic durable Sound absorption Fire prevention Moisture-proof dustproof heat insulation clean Outdoor use
 Microporous metal sound absorption plate ◎   ◎  ◎  ×
 Acoustical paper × × ×
Mineral wool × × × ×
soft fiber × × × ×
 Polyurethane foam × × × ×

Comparison of regional and standard use of acoustic products

SC-01  SC-02  SC-04  SC-05  SW-01  SW-02  SW-03
Planning area

Teaching buildings, hospitals, offices, conference rooms, hotels, theaters, stadiums, restaurants ceiling Shopping malls, shopping centers, convention and exhibition center ceiling Shopping malls, office buildings of the hall, corridor ceiling
Teaching buildings, hospitals, offices, conference rooms, hotels, cinemas, restaurants ceiling Theater, theater, entertainment wall Shopping malls, shopping centers, entertainment venues, cinemas, theatres, restaurants wall Hospital, office building, hotel corridor, restaurant wall
NRC 0.63  0.69  0.52  0.58  0.67  0.61 0.68
Industry standard(GB 50118-2010)  A closed corridor, stair hall and classroom building between the ceiling NRC = 0.4.
The hospital entrance hall, registration hall, pharmacy waiting hall and branch waiting hall, room floor, outpatient building corridor ceiling noise reduction coefficient NRC = 0.4. medicine
Hospital health requirements, recommended micro perforated metal plate.
Shopping malls, shops, shopping center, exhibition center, corridor ceiling NRC = 0.6 (high absorption standard) / 0.4 (low acoustic standard).
Restaurant, fitness center, entertainment ceiling NRC = 0.8 (high absorption standard) / 0.4 (low acoustic standard).
The cinema main speaker behind the end wall group NRC = 0.6.
The hotel corridor sound absorption material NRC = 0.4.
A large office ceiling decoration materials should be combined with sound absorbing material with NRC = 0.4.
The meeting room wall and ceiling should be combined with the sound-absorbing material decoration materials using NRC = 0.4.



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